Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

MobileMe Galerie

Im Juni 2012 wird MobileMe Galerie abgestellt. Unglaublich und hoffentlich ändert sich das noch. Denn ich habe diese sehr gut und gerne genutzt.
  • Direktes Upload aus iPhoto
  • Möglichkeit von Passwort geschützten Galerien
Nun frage ich mich, was für Alternativen sich anbieten, zumal ich auf Aperture gewechselt habe.
Aber vielleicht kommt dann doch alles anders: Im Sommer, oder genauer am 11. Juni soll iPhoto 12 und / oder Aperture 4 vorgestellt werden, mit den Funktion von Journals. Mal sehen.

Hier noch eine Zusammenstellung auf dem Apple Forum:
  • It does require iPhoto for the iPad to create what are called Journals. I can only imagine this will become more functional and slick with the next version of the Desktop version of iPhoto

As for ZZ, it doesn't look bad and the ability to move existing galleries is slick. At this point it doesn't support video. That could change. I think SmugMug is a better solution and cheaper, but I've created an account and am playing with it so I know the options.

  • If you want to try ZangZing to move MobileMe galleries to another service: you can use this link  and get an extra 250MB for free (I will get 250MB too).

Overall, there are plenty of options and I believe Apple will do more with iPhoto in the future. At this point:

SmugMug: good, but the dealbreaker is the lack of a direct iPhoto export plugin

Zenfolio: good, but expensive ($25 for what ZangZing gives for free), does have an iPhoto plugin

ZangZing: good, great MobileMe one-click import button (I'm loving it!), but no unlimited photo storage, so what starts cheap (free) can become the most expensive of all three options. Additionally, I think there is no iPhoto export plugin, so once you imported the MobileMe galleries "web2web", uploading new albums becomes a hassle.

But, it's free, so give it a try: (this will give you and me an extra 250 MB of free storage))


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