Sonntag, 17. Februar 2019

Lima Cloud schliesst EOF

Ein weiteres Kickstarter Projekt, das eingeht. Es war gut gemeint:

  • Man nehme ein kleines Gerät = Lima genannt
  • Verbinde es mit einer rumliegenden oder günstig zu kaufenden externen Festplatte: Zig TB und nicht GB kosten da nur noch rund 100-200 Fr.
  • Schliesse das Gerät ans Internet
  • Fertig ist die persönliche Cloud

Aber leider ist die Wartung eines solches Produktes für eine kleine Firma auf die Länge nicht machbar. So ähnlich ist es auch der genialen 360 Kamera Giroptic ergangen.

Nun heisst es bei Lima: Ende Schluss... Oder wie s in der Computer Fachsprache heisst: EOL End of life und dazu kann man dann nur noch sagen RIP - rest in paeca - Ruhe in Frieden.

Lima Cloud Internet Speicher EOL

This time, it's Goodbye

Hi there,
You receive this because you're a loyal customer of Lima, the Personal Cloud device.
Unfortunately, I have sad news: Lima is closing its doors
Despite tremendous efforts from the team to avoid this, we had some funding problems that we couldn't recover from. As you know, we’re a startup — and that happens in startup life. 

We've built Lima to help people like you manage their files more easily & without compromising on their privacy. It’s been an incredible adventure from day #1, with more than 60 people joining the team along the years.
We fought to build a tech that was good to you, with no compromises. You were 80k+ users around the world using our Personal Cloud products. 80k+ people trusting us to protect your most precious memories. Damn, that was worth the fight!
We’re proud of the products we’ve built, and we think the problem we were trying to solve is still gigantic today. We’re forced out, but we truly hope innovation won’t stop in this area.
I’d like to thank you, our customer, for all the support you gave us in this journey.
I also thank the Lima team for all the dedication, energy, passion and resilience they put in building our products and company. They’ve been a real family to me. The same thanks go to our investors and the multitude of partners from around the world who helped us push Lima forward. 
Hopefully, for the past 7 years building this company, we've changed something for the better. 

I believe we had a good fight.

Take care,


What will happen to my Lima?

Starting from March 1st, 2019, our network infrastructure will progressively shut down. 
While your Lima product synchronises with your devices without servers, our servers are still needed to make your devices find each other and establish a connection. 
Unfortunately, as our services shut down, your Lima will progressively stop to work
If you're a Lima user, we strongly recommend you to stop using Lima and export your data.

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